Anti-fog tester by CTS enhances customer experience and exhibits optical expertise.

"Innovation is our tradition at CTS"

We provide space to generate great ideas and provide a free, creative Innovation centre space, where interchange of ideas and unhindered experimentation has a home.Here at CTS we have developed numerous POC products.

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What we do?

CTS, founded in 2004, is committed to strive towards offering innovative solutions and stay connected with technological trends.We provide lab environment for testing and product making.

We believe in...THINK – DESIGN– INNOVATE

Our Mission

We follow a value-driven culture that fosters innovation, drives performance and ensure standards in everything we do.

Key Features

Product Making

POC and working sample assembly.Prototype development,assembly and testing


Horological tests,Analyze & Validate rechargeable batteries,Mechanical test,RF signal test,Quality&reliability of wire,environmental test,analog and digital signal,generate input and output variables

Extra Activities


"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution." -Albert Einstein

Meet The Team

Cts takes pride in every individual that works here. Working collaboratively by combining their experience and expertise has helped elevate Cts throughout the years.

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Satish S

General manager-CTS
New project generation

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Sudevan PV

Group manager-CTS
New project generation

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Group manager
New project generation

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E L Mallanagoudar

Lab in-charge

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Assistant Manager-CTS
Patent info center


Lab & Facilities

Separate apron change over area,electronic & reliability lab,precision assembly,prototype center and retail tech display & material library.
Antistatic flooring,UPS and AC power points,LAN & WIFI,video conferencing
1600 sq.ft total area

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Technology Newsletters


Quarterly Technological Newsletters are being published by Central Technology Services.They capture, in a highly readable format through their attractive blend of the visual and the textual aspects.These newsletters are highly newsworthy in terms of providing information about technological trends throughout the world.



We are here to assist you in patent filing process.

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